Often we say “First Impression is the last impression”, Logos do the same, it is the first impression of your company, business ,etc.

Logo is a symbol that gives identify your business or brand or corporate Identity.

In 1876, the logo that was trademarked first : ‘The Bass Red Triangle‘.

Lets have a look on some logos and some interesting facts that are attached to them…

Logo of Sun Microsystems

The Logo of Sun Microsystems is one of the world famous ambigrams, You can see ‘Sun’ in all direction in the logo of Sun Microsystems and its formed beautifully.
At the first, it seems like a pattern but when you see carefully that pattern, you can see that is not only pattern but ‘SUN‘ integrated into that.

This beautiful Logo of Sun Microsystems was designed by professor Vaughan Pratt.

Logo of Amazon.com

In the logo of Amazon, that orange colored arrow not only makes a smile but that arrow also connects a and z, it says that you can get ‘ a to z ‘i.e. everything at amazon.com.

Logo of IBM

It is not necessary that every logo should have any hidden meaning inside it,
some logos are very simple but yet very famous.

Say for example the  Logo of IBM.
Did you know why IBM is also known as ‘Big Blue’? one of the reason may be that the International Business Machine (IBM) has its logo in blue color.
Its logo has eight horizontal stripes in the three letters in name of the company (IBM).

Logo of Sony Vaio

What is hidden in the logo of Sony Vaio ???
Here Vaio is combination of VA + IO where VA represents analog signal and IO represents binary code i.e. 1 and 0.

Logo of Fedex

In the logo of FedEx, white space is there in between ‘E’ and ‘x’ which makes white colored right arrow in FedEx, that arrow indicates speed and precision.

Logo of LG (Life’s Good)

In the logo of LG, there is a  symbol of Pac Man which integrated in the name.

There are many other logos but the main thing is that logo is nothing without the branding of your business.

I am sure now, whenever you see any logo, you will try to find or observe that logo to find hidden message in it. 🙂