A signature is one of the unique things about any person. It can also be said to be your public face. People put a lot of thoughts into their signatures to make them attractive and that is why it tells more about a person than they might even be willing to say about themselves. A signature is usually a mark of promise or bonding on any document.

Signatures are a multipurpose sort of sign as they can be used to convey the promise of paying a debt, agreeing to receive a sum and they are very important because more often than not, they are the only piece of actual writing you will use to judge or analyze a person.

Your signature is a central part of your identity even though you sign your name so many times in your life that it becomes an almost mechanical reaction. There are many ways to analyze someone by yourself by observing their signatures. These signs are as follows:

Size of the Signature :

Size matters in a signature because it is the first inkling you will get about a person easily.

  • A large signature represents a large sense of self-esteem. Especially if you have a sample of the person’s handwriting, if the signature is larger than their handwriting, it means that they have a good amount of self-confidence.
  • Medium signatures represent a neutral and well-balanced personality. A person who plainly signs a not too large and not too small signature can be analyzed to be shrewd and smart but not too overly confident of themselves. This type of person is mostly an average person with a level head.
  • Small signatures denote a distinct lack of self-esteem. A person who uses a small signature often is shy, not too confident and comfortable at being ignored.

Content of the Signature :

Content in a signature is the first name of the person. Almost everyone uses an initial for their middle name but only a small population uses initials as their first name. This denotes two possibilities that

  • Either the person is being formal and business-like.
  • Or the person is not very fond of their first name.

Personality-wise, people who use first names on signatures are friendly and like to get on first-name terms with everyone they meet.

Placement of the Signature :

The placement of the signature tells a lot about the person too. For example, if a signature is written on the left side of the given space, the person is very nostalgic, likes clinging to the past and is shy in public. Whereas, if a signature is made in the middle of the given space, it means that the owner considers himself an important individual and also seeks praise and attention. A signature drawn to the right hand side of the space means that the owner/writer is a neutral person who looks forward to the future and its challenges.

Direction and Slant of the Signature :

Direction and slant shows a lot about the writer.

If the words of a signature are raised higher, i.e. the writing is longer than the normal handwriting; the person is normal and level-headed yet energetic and enthusiastic about his work/passions.

  • If the letters are drawn lower than the normal handwriting; the person is more probably a pessimist and lacks vitality.
  • Similarly, a right hand slant shows an outgoing, energetic and friendly personality whilst a left hand slant denotes a neutral or even lazy person who works badly under pressure.

These are but a few of the notions that can tell you about a person with the help of their signature but anyone, can be judged and analyzed by the help of their signature and through this chart.