“I was depressed  when I didn’t get the  shoes i liked,

until I met a man who had no legs.”

If you take a peek into  your past  life, you will surely find some incidents that would match up with the thought quoted  above. It’s OK. You need not think about the past. This quote will match up with your current scenario too.

If you are a student, then its always about your marks, the opportunities you missed out  due to some reason, the situation which you would not tire imagining yourself  in but unfortunately someone else is currently in that mind framed situation of yours.

If you are an employee, then it can be you being the victim of office politics. It might the lack of performance if you are in sales.

All these are not made up situations. These are real life situations that we feel in our day to day life. I was recently going through such a patch in my personal life. I assumed that there are people like me who might be in the same situation and thus thought of writing ways to fight this depressive situation and thoughts.

Following are the ways which i found to be helpful in depression:

1. Be a part of new group.

Try to be with a different set of people. If you are used to spend a lot of time with your co-workers, avoid being with them until most required. This can help you because there is no one to discuss your frustrated situations until you want it to be started. You will be having different topics than usual to discuss and debate about.

2. Start playing

If you like video games, Bham!!! perfect!!! Go grab some Xbox or PSP and load it with the most action packed games. Try to release your anger and frustration through the games character 😉 . Some suggested tiles that have been helpful for me is  Mortal Combat, Street fighter. It would be a bonus if you get a player to play against this game.

3. Take a break

Try to go for a weekend getaway. Go to a totally new location. A peaceful and beautiful exposure to the natural beauty is never gonna hurt you. Grab a bike. Go for a long drive. Just drive. Let the roads decide your destination.

There can be many other ways as well, but these things did work for me. At the end of the day just remember one thing, “This time will change soon. It never remains static”.  Try to live your life to the fullest.