HTML Controls

ASP.Net Controls

HTML control runs at client side. ASP.Net controls run at server side.
You can run HTML controls at server side by adding attribute runat=”server”. You can not run ASP.Net Controls on client side as these controls have this attribute runat=”server” by default.
HTML controls are client side controls, so it does not provide STATE management. ASP.Net Controls are Server side controls, provides STATE management.
HTML control does not require rendering. ASP.Net controls require rendering.
As HTML controls runs on client side, execution is fast. As ASP.Net controls run on server side, execution is slow.
HTML controls do not have any separate class for its controls. ASP.Net controls have separate class for its each control.
HTML controls does not support Object Oriented paradigm. With ASP.Net controls, you have full support of Object oriented paradigm.
HTML controls can not be accessed form code behind files. ASP.Net controls can be directly worked and accessed from code behind files.
HTML control have limited set of properties and/or methods. ASP.Net controls have rich set of properties and/or methods.
 Enter Name :
<input type="text"  ID="txtName">
 Enter Name :
<asp:TextBox Id="txtName" runat="server">