There was a time when people started thinking that JavaScript was of no much use to the web community. Many said that it did not even have proper standards. Many more believed that it did not even have the capability of being called a language and thus termed it as scripting language.

Everything suddenly changed. Why?When?Till what extent?

Person behind Jquery

John Resing - Jquery Founder

All the credit goes to John Resig. The fellow who took the web world to the next level by releasing a JavaScript framework that people during those days could just imagine. He is the reason why many other people like me had to add a new section to their web blog termed “Jquery Tutorials“. He is the person who released the clientside framework named Jquery in January at BarCamp in the year 2006.

Why Jquery is so popular?

Following are the few features due to which jquery is having an edge when compared to the other frameworks:

  • Ease of learning and use.
  • A whole lot of ready to use built in features
  • The broad range of selectors to capture DOM elements
  • Great Ajax Support
  • Great open source community support
  • Great documentation and tutorials