PHP and MySQL combination :

PHP & MySqlIn earlier post, we saw how set up environment for PHP. In that we saw that we used WAMP server i.e. WAMP : Windows , Apache, MySql, PHP:  You can use PHP with any database like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc.But PHP is mostly used with MySQL database.

As of July 2013, MySQL is the most widely used open source RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) of world. Most of open source market has been covered by PHP and MySQL Combination.


In today’s post, we will see that why PHP and MySQL combination is mostly used. Some of the reason of using PHP and MySQL combinations are :

>>  PHP and MySQL are Open source & free to use.
>>  Both are available under General Public License (GPL) so it helps in reduces the cost of the development of web application.
>>  Many well known CMS [Content Management Systems] using this combination including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal , TYPO3 and many more.
>>  We can easily customize both to make fit in our requirements.
>>  Both provide better performance in terms of Speed and are reliable.
>>  MySQL is very light weight, robust, reliable and easy to use RDBMS.
>>  This combination can be used on any platform (Windows, Unix, Mac..)
>>  Most famous websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, Flicker, etc. uses this combination of PHP and MySQL.
>>  More flexible as it has large support for embedded applications.


Using this combination of PHP and MySQL, you can create :

Blogging Site
Entire Dynamic site
• E-commerce or online shopping site
Social Networking site
Database driven site