Among some of the start-ups that have rocked the Indian Ecosystem in the year 2015 is AdPushup. This has come across as a real pack of punch. Let us know about it further.

About AdPushup

How beneficial it would be for a website if something could make their advertisements more noticeable? AdPushup comes to the rescue of those ads which fall prey to banner blindness. Banner blindness refers to the phenomenon in which visitors of a website ignore information which is in banner-like format, either knowingly or unknowingly. AdPushup makes amendments to designs that are poor and improve their placements, fonts, etc. By optimizing ads, AdPushup allows publishers & bloggers to generate more profit from their existing website traffic without employing any added coding skills. By helping websites in overcoming banner blindness and monetize impressions which could get lost to ad blocking software, it lets the website publishers to make more money.


To compare between different variations like placements of ad at different positions and at different sizes, it uses advanced A/B testing as its main technique. Once the best variation is found, it keeps a check on banner blindness and can help fight AdBlock.

How AdPushup was formed?

Founded in the year 2013 by Atul Agarwal and Ankit Oberoi, AdPushup was started with a vision of helping everyone to access internet’s information and to keep this information free. The funding of AdPushup was raised in Angel Funding for $632k. AdPushup is free till it goes public beta which is basically its revenue model.

Atul Agarwal and Ankit Oberoi

Vision behind AdPushup

Since the web publishers and bloggers require making money for their businesses to sustain, which provide free information to everyone, AdPushup recognizes this relationship between value provider and value seeker. Value seeker is looking for entertainment, knowledge and to make money at minimum cost. A value seeker can be a student looking for information about some subject in more detail, or a young college graduate looking for some advice on his job interviews. A value seeker may also be a single working mom wishing to enhance her skill set in her free time so as to generate more income for the family or it can be a father in search for the best schools for his kids.

On the other hand, a value provider spends resources in order to share the knowledge and information for free but he still needs a compensation because it would not be possible for him to sustain his business without income. A value provider can be a news network that brings current and live news and expert opinions on topics like stock market for the readers at no cost, or a blogger whose blogs lessons or stories which he shares daily make the lives of his followers more enriching. A value provider can also be an entrepreneur in the online business who is looking for money to continue providing value services to his online visitors.

This is where AdPushup can help publishers. AdPushup helps the publishers by increasing their revenue from their display ad inventory. This product keeps on optimizing ad layouts continuously in an automatic manner. This is done by the machine learning algorithm used by Adpushup which results in a higher CTR (click through rate) without having to compromise on the UX (User Experience).

Key Features of AdPushup

  • Optimizing Ad Placement
  • Visual Ad Management across devices
  • Since testing is a continuous process – AdPushup uses machines learning to learn & optimize website’s optimization
  • Ad Revenues will improve without compromising on user experience
  • Segment website users and personalize their website experience
  • In-depth Analytics & Unique Insights
  • Intelligent continuous optimization
  • Great support