As its tagline goes “The future of actionable video intelligence is right here”, it is great help for YouTube content creators. We are talking about Vidooly, a start-up which provides strategy if you have content. Let us find more about it.

What is Vidooly?

It is a start-up launched in 2014 that provides video as a service. The co-founders of Vidooly are Subrat Kar, Ajay Mishra, Nishant Radia. It is a Noida based India’s first ad network that creates viral videos. The funding of this exciting start-up was done from TLabs Accelerator for INR 12 Lakh.

Vidooly Founder

Vidooly is basically an analytics suite that can help in YouTube audience development. Vidooly is a YouTube audience development. It helps content creators and brand and multi-channel networks to make more profit by increasing their views. It also helps increase audience base.

Vidooly will generate revenue for its creators by Monthly Subscription Plans.

Features of Vidooly

If you want a more in-depth analysis or you want to know the performance of any YouTube channel or video, you can use Vidooly for performing these tasks. Vidooly provides information such as video tags used in a video or channel, most popular influencers, subscribers and views growth, performance of video on social media, forecasting and some other information that YouTube does not provide publicly. This idea of Subrat Kar, Ajay Mishra and Nishant Radia, which has grown to become Vidooly, also provides other advanced features like:

  • Video tag suggestions: Helps in identifying which tags are being performed for your video, how much watch time is being generated and what more can be used for targeted subscribers.
  • Best time to upload: Lets you know at what time subscribers are the most active on your YouTube channel and makes analysis for engagement on videos, across the week.
  • Competitor Tracking: It lets you track other networks present in different geographies and gives a glimpse of what’s currently trending in the industry.
  • Social Media Analysis: It lets you distribute Video content to more than 10 social platforms and then analyze the reachability as well as identifying and connecting with influencers.
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool: Lets you know what is being searched by people and which keywords are performing well for your video channel. It also tells you which among these keywords are relevant to the videos published by you.
  • Subscriber engagement: It lets you group all your video subscribers in different categories and makes accessing them easier on various social media.
  • Content Suggestion: By understanding the behavior of the subscriber on Video channels, it creates content that connects with you target audience and hence helps in increasing your views as well as earnings.
  • Influencer Connect: It helps you in identifying your video content is being shared by whom on YouTube or over the internet, where it is being shared and connect with them the people sharing your videos on social media.

vidooly features

Other MCN Solutions provided are:

  • Channel Analytics Tool: Enhances viewership and subscribers by keeping a track of overall growth.
  • Manage Financials: It manages your network’s all financials from involving a partner to releasing payments.
  • Rights Management: It helps you search and identify potential claims hence there is no need to claim manually.

Many more features like annotation optimization, comment moderation, connecting brands to the right content creators, collaboration with influencers’ subscriber behavior analysis are also provided.

Success Stories

More than 4000 YouTube users across the globe are using Vidooly’s Youtube audience dashboard for increasing the growth of their channel and connecting with influencers.

Vidooly has more than 10,000 active channel users and about 15M+ channel subscribers. More than 1000K channels are browsed everyday.