Amazon Kindle Oasis Your digital book in leather cover (review)

Amazon kindle is popular among the e-book users. Especially people who travel a lot like to use e-book instead of printed book. A traveler can pack 1,000 books with almost no weight. But does anyone need 1,000 books on their holiday or business trip? Well, that’s not the point. But there are few certain benefits of using the e-book. You can download e-book wirelessly within a minute, so if you finish the first volume of Les miserable, you don’t have to go outside the hotel to buy the second one. Amazon Kindle Oasis is now available with few changes from the previous one.

Amazon Kindle Oasis looks:

The Amazon Kindle Oasis comes with a fine leather book magnetic cover and also has a big battery for long hours of reading. The looks will definitely appeal to many users as it gives the feeling of a good classic book.

Once the leather cover is removed the Oasis becomes too much light weighted. The body is very thin, except the edges, where the page turn buttons are located. With the thicker corners makes it comfortable to hold. When you turn the device upside down, the buttons goes to the other side and so the onscreen words.
The look of Oasis is classier than earlier versions as there is no rim between frame and screen. But it can accidently turn the pages too easily. The problem is not big and you can easily adjust with it.


Amazon Kindle Oasis Your digital book in leather cover (review)2

One of the best features of Kindle is that you can highlight the important or favorite line from the book. When doing the same in the printed edition, often makes the book dirtier. The problem is you cannot highlight lines in the sample. Maybe the feature is to encourage readers to buy the book but the highlighted lines are going to disappear if the person doesn’t buy the book.

The screen is sharp, clear and flawless; turning the pages is fast and smooth. The screen gives the feeling of the top notch modern technology. The buttons for turning the pages are little noisy. So, if you are reading in the bed with the adjustable light in the Oasis you should prefer using the touch screen to turn the pages to not to disturb the other person’s sleep.

Oasis has set the bar too high for other makers to match with, because of the lightness of the device and slim size. It is an intelligent combination of comfort and efficiency.

Amazon Kindle Oasis Your digital book in leather cover (review)3

Once the battery goes down during the day, attaching it with the cover makes it jump back right away and quickly.

The next model in the line after Amazon Kindle Oasis is Amazon Kindle Voyage. The voyage will come with some of the new features which Oasis lacks, such as automatically adjustable front light with the light around it. The Oasis is very thin and delicate. It is not a discouraging feature but if you are not desperate for the light weight and slim body, then Amazon Kindle Voyage is the closest alternative.

So, Amazon Kindle Oasis is currently best e-book device available in the market as far as looks are concerned. It is classy, the leather cover gives it awesome finishing and the smooth screen are the most tempting features to go for it.