With the changing trend, external storage devices like CD : Compact Disks are being less consumed day by day and gradually replaced by USB Drives .

Nowadays almost we all have USB drive and that have become common for transferring your files and data. But when you want to transfer data from your smart phones or tablet, you must need cable. What if you can direct transfer your data from smartphone, tablet or laptop to USB Drive ?

Dual-USB Drives

Such innovation in USB drive is at your door now. This is Dual USB Drive , with two connections, this Dual USB Drive allows you to easy data transfer between your smartphone & tablets to laptop or PC i.e. free up space on your smartphone or tablet?

How Dual USB Drive works

Well this dual purpose device is not rocket science or big invention but smart technology in USB. Dual USB Drive has dual port one is micro USB port and other is regular USB 2.0 Port. Currently this device is only compatible with BlackBerry & Android running devices .This drives are available in the size of 8, 16 and 32 GB.

Dual USB Drives

Many companies like Sony, Transcend, SanDisk, etc have re-introduced this concept of USB drive with dual purpose. Cost of this dual USB drive is starting from Rs. 550 for 8 GB model.