What is Thumb Drive ??

We all might use Thumb drive but may not aware with the alternatives names of it. Alternative names of Thumb drive are ‘Pen drive’, ‘Jump drive’, ‘Data stick, ‘USB flash drive’ or ‘Key-chain drive’. Well these all are name of the same product.

Thumb drive is a kind of portable device used for data storage. Thumb drive contains the flash memory with USB (Universal Serial Bus) integrated in it. This thumb drive is readable, rewritable and is connected in computer through USB port.

USB Thumb Drive

Now a days, thumb drive comes in lots of shapes and varieties and also available with different storage capacity of 1 TB, 256 GB to 256 MB (16 GB, 8 GB, 4GB, 1 GB, 512 MB).

Thumb drive has a small PCB : Printed Circuit Board with a USB connector and coated by metal, plastic  or rubberized case.

History of Thumb Drive :

Thumb drive was invented by three employers (Amir Ban, Oron Ogdan, Dov Moran) of M-systems company at Israel.  They registered their pattern in April 1999 as a product having a cable between the memory & USB connector. In September 1999, IBM registered same type of  product with the name “USB flash drive”. After that IBM and M systems did partnership and invented a product named “DiskOne Key” & launched it in September 2000.

Thumb Drive

There were many other companies who fought for the patent of this product. Two companies IBM and Trek technology officially started selling of USB flash drive with name “DiskOneKey” and “ThumbDrive” respectively.

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