Feel an imaginary life with this Microsoft’s new gadget Hololens. A next evolution in computing which will change your way to see the world and so the world you see.

Hololens is worn over the eyes like goggles. This futuristic gadget will offer a new way to communicate which use holograms: three dimensional & high definition realistic images in your daily life.

Hololens by Microsoft



Hololens have transparent lenses that projects realistic images on the transparent screen in front of your eyes. You can not only see the holograms but also hear them in surrounding sound and can also interact / respond to it by spoken commands, by gestures or by other means of sensors.

This flashy & glossy gadget has no wires and transforms your world into 3D objects, machines or people that are transparent and floating in the midair. Hololens wearer will see the real world + a virtual screen with it whether on your room walls, in living room.


This new gadget will be available with the Microsoft’s newest operating system: Windows 10 and will provide powerful holographic platform. Hololens are developed by the same engineers who developed Xbox game’s Kinect motion sensing system. This device will release at the same time with Windows 10 in autumn.

How HOLOLENS works

This gadget have lots of sensors that tracks your movements and uses that information to create images with which you can interact from different angles. Hololens camera looks at the location, maps it & identify the physical objects present there like chair, table , etc in a room and by using that information it projects/pins the 3D images at appropriate place. I must say your room becomes canvas for your holographic games & projects with this Microsoft’s  Hololens.

Hololens Microsoft 1

As I mentioned earlier, you can not only see but can also interact with the holograms. So no need to click mouse or touch the screen, interact with your voice, vision and movements i.e. with your eyes you can explore & navigate, with voice you can communicate with apps and with gestures you can create, re-size and shape the holograms.

Hololens  will be new medium to express creativity, a more efficient and effective way to teach, learn, visualize and share ideas. It will put your imaginations into reality and will be effective platform to collaborate and explore.

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