Spartan is not the new version of Internet Explorer. Spartan is the code name of the new browser and expected to be bundled with Microsoft’s new OS: Windows 10. Spartan browser is developed for Windows 10 and developed by ‘Microsoft’ and ‘Turner Broadcasting System’.


Spartan will use all the components of existing web browser and will be new product than the Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 11 will be there in Windows 10 for compatibility issues.

This browser also uses the same Microsoft’s engine used by Internet Explorer named “Chakra”(JavaScript Engine) and “Trident”(Layout Engine).

Let’s see the feature of this Spartan Browser:

Spartan browser have integrated Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana , which adds a lot of sense to it like voice control, searching functionality & dynamic information as per your search in address bar. For Example, Cortana helps you to track data within the address bar like, flight & booking, Hotel, Resort booking. If you are searching any hotel at some location, Cortana will display tracked hotels as well as allow the users to view current status of that hotel.

Spartan Browser

Minimalistic user interface of this Spartan browser have focused on clear, clutter free , simple and straight-forward design. Spartan browser allows grouping & splitting of tabs so you can easily manage your personal tabs and other works tabs.

Windows 10 is most comprehensive” platform for the screens of all sizes like PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It has common architecture will merge all Windows, Windows Phone & other Windows devices. Likewise a Spartan browser app will be available for all screens  in Windows Store.

Spartan has support of digital inking which allows Spartan user to annotate on web-pages those can be shared with OneDrive and can be stored on OneDrive and you can access that through multiple platforms (browsers).