VBScript (Visual Basic Script) is the Active Scripting Language , lightweight & designed for fast interpreter . JavaScript is the Client side scripting language, prototype based and mostly used with web browsers.
 Microsoft Developed VBScript.  Brendan Eich founded JavaScript and NetScape Developed it.
VBScript works at both client side and server side. JavaScript works only at client side.
VBScript is not case sensitive language. JavaScipt is case sensitive language.
It runs only on Internet Explorer (IE) browser. It runs on the all browser.
VBScript is used for server side validation. JavaScript is used for client side validation.
VBScript supports functions & subroutines and uses function and end function for starting and ending function. JavaScript supports only functions and uses curly braces for starting and ending function.
VBScript Syntax is derived from BASIC language . JavaScript syntax is derived from C language.
VBScript is not the default scripting language , but can be made by specifying in scripting language. JavaScript is default scripting language almost in all browsers.
File extension in VBScript is .vba or .vbs File Extension in JavaScript is .js
VBScript Uses for comment. JavaScript uses // or /* … */ for comments.