When I started my site, I read a lot about how to increase the traffic to website and about different types of website traffic . I tried most of the things. To my disappointment only a few of those things worked out for me. I guess it must have been the same for you too. Now that I have successfully managed to bring you to my page, you should believe my tips are sure to work for you too.

These are the following questions you should keep in mind:

•     Why Back links are important?
>>  Helping other sites and blogs.
>>  Clear others doubts.

•    How to get visitors from search engine?
>>   Know you niche related keywords.
>>  Giving search engine friendly urls.

•    How to convert temporary visitors to permanent ones?
>>  Nice formatting
>>  Use of images
>>  Regular updates

•    How knowing your website and its relation with visitors can help?
>>  Interlinking to your webpages.
>> Give a section stating top read articles or most famous articles.

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