When Larry Page (co founder of the world known GOOGLE) was designing the algorithm for his search engine, he saw the links creating a structure of a big mathematical graph which could be used as the base of ranking a page in the search engine results. He found that,  more a page is referred to users by other web pages more is the importance of that page. Thus, it can be seen as the major deciding factor based on which the search engine (google)  could rank the given web page.

The link on  webpage of other sites that points back to your site can be said as a backlink. Because it points back to your site, it is known as backlink.

You can increase the number of backlinks by the following ways:

1. By clearing others doubts.

If you are an expert in your niche then try giving answers to others who are having problem in that field.  The best way to do this is by going to sites like https://answers.yahoo.com and then searching for open  questions. Give the best answer possible by you and also include a link to you site’s page that has further reference material regarding that subject. If your answer is good then all the people who read your answer are likely to give your site a visit. See, Helping others are not that bad a job if you can make profit out of it 🙂 .

2. Interacting With Other Bloggers on other blogs

If you are reading this article, i assume that you have already entered the international market ( You have a site). When i say INTERNATIONAL, For me it is a small neighborhood, where each and every other blogger who owns a site is my friend and neighbor.  In you real life, do you intend to see your neighbor as your competitor…?

What the hell are you thinking :-x?….  OFCOURSE NOT!!! Similar is the case here. Try to comment on his/her posts(don’t forget to place a link on his site that point back to yours :))….  See making friends is not that difficult!! Is it?