Today one of my team mates came to me with a script file of 157 mb. He said he wanted to execute it so that the DB can be filled with data and respective stored procedures.

I thought it to be a simple issue and just opened it in the SQL management studio created a db as in the SQL file and executed the file by clicking F5.

And  bham….

It gave me an error of low memory :“Insufficient memory to continue the execution of the program

I did some googling and came to know that such large scripts are recommended to be executed through command line interface.

I thought it might come of help to others like me. So i am documenting the process.

NOTE : The db I am executing this script file is on my own PC. I mean it is a local server on which i have the DB.

Step1: Open cmd as administrator.

Step 2: The following is the syntax of the command that i used:

SQLCMD -d database -i filename.sql

Execute this command with your custom parameters.

-d is followed by the database name on which you are executing the command.

-i is followed by the path of the file of the script file. For example, d:\script.sql