Virtual Reality has become a popular thing in the past few years and while it still has a way to go, there are some big plans to create the very first VR movie theater. Those that are enjoying the viewing experience will wear a VR headset and sit in front of the large screen to watch movies just as they would in a standard theater. The excitement comes to life on December 3, when viewers with a VR headset can enjoy Top Gun 3D. Viewers will feel like they are walking right into a theater setting and will enjoy a virtual audience and can even chat with them before the feature film starts!

This new development in the world of movie watching is developed by Paramount Pictures. With the creation of a VR platform, viewers will be able to watch movies like never before and can experience a complete theater setting without ever leaving the comforts of home. Following the VR release of Top Gun 3D, Paramount has plans to release several other films in 2018, including Terminator 3D. While nothing is actually set in stone, this is the beginning of a new era for movie watchers.

Virtual Reality Advancements

Virtual Reality concepts have enjoyed many great advancements over the years and it is surely one of the fastest growing markets in the gaming industry. This new and exciting trend has captured the attention of many and even major companies are now taking a closer look as to how VR can enhance products, increase revenue and offer an experience like no other to consumers. As mentioned, VR will soon be entering the movie industry, but it has already been used in other entertainment settings, such as in online casinos. VR online casinos offer tons of cool stuff and offer the chance to feel like one is walking through the casino floor and engaging in realistic games as
they play for real money payouts.

There have been many advancements to the VR technology since it was first introduced, but it is still in its infancy stages. When VR headsets were first released, they were typically used to play video games, enhancing the gaming experience by placing players in lifelike situations where they could interact with the game and all characters. While gaming is still a main focus of the VR industry, there have been a number of advancements to the technology and today, VR is now being used in many different industries to create a virtual setting.

Visual advancements have been the main enhancement in the world of VR. When devices were first created, they did not offer the best visual presentations and headsets were awkward. Ove the past few years, major companies have made amazing advancements offering light-weight and comfortable headsets that make use of OLED screens for the best possible viewing experience.

Facing Some Obstacles

Even though VR has made some advancements in the past year, it still faces a number of obstacles. Despite consumers being eager to experience VR, the cost is something that must be overcome. VR devices do not come cheap. While the cost of a HTC Vibe was $800 last year and only $600 this year, that is still a hefty price tag for casual users. While there are some affordable options, users may sacrifice quality. Another obstacle that the VR world faces is the lack of games and apps. The key to enjoying top notch VR experiences lies in the creation of quality games and apps. There are a few games and demos that are available, but there are very few that harness the true power of VR.

While the technology side of VR presents some obstacles, there are also other issues that are being considered. There are unknown health risks that could be related to VR equipment. Some will say that games can be played by those under 13 while others argue that his age is too low. Many actually argue that VR games will kill the brain. There is concern on the effect of vision frequent users will encounter. Eye health is a major obstacle that is being faced and the industry is starting to perform research and gather data to ensure the safety of VR activities.

Today’s Industries that Make Use of VR

Virtual Reality is not a new concept. In fact, it has been around for quite a few years. It is now being offered to casual consumers, which is why it is a new fad. However, many of the world’s major industries have been making use of VR technology. Some of today’s industries that are employing the benefits of VR include:

  • Retail
  • Military and Defense
  • Event Planners
  • Law Enforcement
  • Healthcare and Medicine
  • Fil and Entertainment
  • Space Exploration

As VR technology becomes more advanced in the coming years, it will pave the road to the future, with almost every industry benefitting from its amazing capabilities. With the first launch of VR movies this year and the support of the gaming industry, including online casinos, VR will definitely be the future of entertainment, but is also being used on many other industries that play a role in daily life. Each and every day, VR is being used in the medical and military industry and as it gains popularity, millions of individuals all over the world will start to realize the capabilities and benefits of entering the VR world.