After doing lots of  analysis on signature , one question comes to my mind is that which signature can be said a good signature????

Interesting Right… but not so easy

I have read somewhere that signature is the reflection of person’s nature. We can say signature tells what is the person’s nature, strength, weakness , capability, authority, dignity, confidence, etc.

In last article i.e. SIGNATURE ANALYSIS : TEST YOUR SIGNATURE ,we saw tricks/ factors  that reveals about the person from signature including size of the signature, slant, pressure, Additions and trimming in signature, Place of Signature, content,etc.

Signature Analysisi

But again we come to question what is the good signature??

Let’s take one name “Poonam” which can be written in thousand way and 900 of them are good as per graphologically . (Graphology is the study of handwriting and analyzing character).

A good signature i can say that have unique style usually matchless. So, lets have a look on  factors that leads a signature to be good.

  •  Signature should be simple (KIS : Keep IT Simple), sometimes you try to make your signature so cool, stylish and  unique and make it so much complicated by adding unnecessary strokes in that.
  • The good signature have the same size as your general handwriting not larger and not smaller than the rest of the handwriting.
  • It is said that putting your signature with slant up towards the end which gives not only good signature but also gives good luck.
  • Balance space should be there between your name and surname.
  • your signature should be legible i., open and straightforward.
  • Initial letters of each word in signature should be in capital but before that you have to decide whether you want just initial or full name or other combinations in your signature.
  • Letters like y, f, g , j etc. Should not stop at bottom, it should be continued from bottom to up before terminating.
  • Avoid embellishments in the signatures i.e. good signature should be without extra underlining and decorations.
  • You should not use symbols like stars, hearts, etc in the signature.
  • Last and not least that don’t be so fast while doing signature.

These are the some factors that lead to good signature..

We will come back with more stuff on signature analysis.

Till that Stay Tuned… 🙂


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