Signature is the name which is derieved from the Latin word “Signare” which means  “To Sign” and signer or signatory is the person who writes the signature.

Signature is the identity of a person and depicts name, surname, nickname or combination of them. It can be used as any identity or proof written by oneself.

In our life we do the signature thousands of times and each time we put our same art in that automatically. Isn’t it an Art ???? Signature is not general handwriting but we can say it is a stylized form of your writing and reflection of the personality.

Signature is the unique identity or representation of a person and may vary person to person. It is not only set of letters but unique way to represent you on important document, on in bond or in the communication with your nearer or dearer.

It is not surprising that we often see lots of variation in signature as its vary person to person but still we find some common things in that for example some signed with full name, some with initial names or middle name or only name or pet name or it can be anything.

The individual’s signature tells what one want to show to people. The content, Size, Slant, Writing style, Speed, embellishment, etc of signature express the individual’s personality.

Test Your Signature

Lets see some tricks that reveals about the person from signature :

Size of Signature

If the size of signature is larger than the rest of handwriting, it is the indication of self confidence and higher self esteem and indication of “Notice Me”

If the size of signature is smaller than the rest of  hand writing, it indicates lack of self confidence and expecting  a little esteem from other people and quite insecure and don’t want to be noticed.

If the size of signature is same as the rest of the handwriting, it is the indication of balance and his behavior is same in private as well as in public and seems that person wants fit at everywhere.


Writing a signature with pressure means a person seems to be full of energy and successful while writing a signature with light pressure means that person might avoid situation which needs more energy than he/she might have.


Slant on right side tells that person is emotional attached to the situations and having caring nature and  slant on left side tells that the person hides his/her feelings and absence of slant in signature reveals that person has control over emotions and feelings.

Additions and trimming in signature

Line in the signature indicates that person is unhappy or self-critical

Underlining in signature indicates that person wants importance and responsibility

Full stop in signature indicates self-centeredness.

Vertical line at the end of signature indicates that person wants private world and want to stay away from outside world.

Circles in signature indicate that person is defensive and want protection and support.


If the person slowly writes signature it shows that person wants to make impression of his/her personality or differentiate private and public personality and who writes signature fast is generally aware of the thing that writing is illegible. Illegible writing reveals many things like that person might be in hurry or that person don’t want to be noticed or known or might want to keep identity unknown

Place of Signature

Signature, in the middle reveals importance and attention. Signature in the left reveals a pose or want uniqueness and signature in right reveals natural and forward looking.


Generally a signature which consists of first & last name, or the first name then middle initial & last name. So people who write their first name in capital letter and larger than the last name indicates that the person likes to be known from his/her name rather than to be known from family background.

Person who writes their last name larger than the first name indicates that the person likes to be known from family background or identification.

The person who signs letter of first name and full last name is said to be balanced person.

These are the some tricks of signature analysis so get set ready to analyze signature of your nearer and dearer and find what signature reveals about that person  🙂 I hope this article will help you in analysis of signature .

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