Difference between JSON and XML



 Stands For JSON : “JavaScript Object Notation”. XML: “Extensible Markup Language”.
 Extended From JSON is extended from JavaScript. XML is extended from SGML : “Standard Generalized Markup Language“.
 Purpose  JSON is one type of text-based format or standard for interchanging  data i.e. human readable.  JSON is developed by “Douglas Crockford”.  XML is a Markup Language having format that contains set of rules for the encoding the documents which is readable for both human & machine. XML is developed by W3C :“World Wide Web Consortium “.
 Syntax  JSON syntax is lighter than XML as JSON has serialized format of data having  less redundancy. JSON does not contain start and end tags.  XML is not so lighter as JSON as having start and end tags and it takes more character than JSON to represent same data.
Speed JSON is light – weighted in compare to XML as it has serialized format and so faster also. XML is not so light weighted as JSON.
Support of Data Type & Array JSON supports datatype including integer and strings, JSON also supports array. XML does not provide any data type so needs to be parsed into particular datatype. No direct support for array also.
Object Support JSON has support of native objects. XML can get support of objects through mixed use of attributes & elements.
Comments JSON does not support Comments XML supports comments.
Namespace JSON does not have support for Namespaces. XML supports Namespaces.
Mapping JSON is data oriented and can be mapped more easily. XML is document oriented and needs more effort for mapping.
Parsing JSON uses only evel() for parsing i.e. for interpreting the JavaScript code & returns the result. It does not need any additional code for parsing. XML needs XML Document Object Model (DOM) implementation & with that additional code for mapping text back to the JavaScript objects.
Application For Web services, JSON is better. For configuration, XML is better.
Changing Format You can not change JSON data to other format. In XML, using XSLT you can change XML data into another format like comma –delimited, plain text, JSON, etc.
Access In JSON no such is interface for getting direct access to a part in JSON data-structure. In XML, Using XPath, it is possible to get the direct access to a particular part of multiple parts of XML data- structure.