Here we continue with our PHP tutorial , in last article  PHP Introduction we discussed introduction about PHP including its history , evolution and other critiques.

Here we are not going to discuss which language is best or worst because all languages have their merits and demerits. But here we will discuss what is there in PHP and why you should go for PHP as lots of languages are there for developing web application.

PHP is one of the popular server side scripting language, which can be embedded in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) or used as a stand alone. There are  lots of famous sites developed in PHP including Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, Yahoo! and many more.

advantages of PHP

PHP is fully cross platform, meaning it runs native on several flavors of UNIX, as well as on Windows and also on Mac OS X. It is an open source so is free to download and use. PHP is easy to use, easy deployable, reliable , cost saver and anyone can learn it and use it. PHP is Highly customizable as well.

List of famous CMS framework developed in PHP :

CMS : Content Management System is a application or program that allows you edit, manage, publish the (content) text, audio, CMS websitevideo, images, etc. There are many types are there in CMS and according to that their functionality get change but the common thing is that CMS provide some central interface or some kind of access control.

Websites that contains news, blogs and shopping many others runs under CMS. Some of the CMF : Content management framework developed in PHP are Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress, TYPO3, Mambo,  MODX, ProcessWire, SilverStripe, Symfony , TangoCMC, Xaraya and Xoops.

Big Sites that uses PHP :

Many popular sites are developed using PHP, some well known of them are Yahoo!,,, Alexa, Flicker,, Digg, Twitter, and many more.

There are more than 5 million PHP developers are there in the world. PHP is used on more than 80% of websites on web and day by day its getting more popular and freelancer market for PHP is wide as you can create small or large web applications.

PHP is Open Source i.e. free to use so large amounts of websites are being developed using PHP as well as numbers of PHP developers are also getting increase.


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