It’s been long believed that black holes are the end. There is nothing beyond the black holes and it is regarded as eternal prisons for all that are gone into their depths. But the great physicist Stephen Hawking said that there is a possibility of the way out.

At the inauguration of Harvard’s Black Hole Initiative on Monday, world-renowned theoretical physicist explained these ideas, launching the program that will focus on black hole research.

There were more than 1,000 people there to listen the lecture of the physicist at the Harvard’s Sanders Theatre.

In past years as the director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge in England, Hawking has revealed his ideas on the lost’ information that gets sucked into black holes.

Stephen Hawking on Black Holes

This time, he said that the information goes inside the black holes, does not go forever. There is a possibility of the information being stored in alternate universes.

Harvard Department of Astronomy Avi Loeb said that through this Black Hole Initiative Harvard experts will join to “cultivate a sort of culture of people interested in black holes.” undergraduate and graduate students along with the faculty, will take part in the research regarding black holes.

In his lecture, Hawking also talks over the recent findings of gravitational waves.

Black holes could be a gateway to another universe Stephen Hawking 2

The Boston Globe reported Hawking in February, saying that breakthrough provided some of the first solid evidence of the existence of black holes. He added on Monday, “Black holes aren’t the eternal prisons they were once thought. Things can get out of a black hole, both from the outside and possible through another universe.” He added, “So if you feel you’re in a black hole, don’t give up. There’s a way out.”

Hawking further explained that Black holes could be the massive unit, as big as the distance between the sun and the Jupiter and could be as small as a mountain.


Now Stephen Hawking is not the only scientist who believes that the black holes don’t delete the information they ‘swallow’. An associate professor of physics at the University at Buffalo, Dejan Stojkovic also believes that interactions between particles released by black holes could say what lies inside them.

Black holes could be a gateway to another universe Stephen Hawking 3
He has said in April, “According to our work, information isn’t lost once it enters a black hole. It doesn’t just disappear.” He also demonstrated how the information can be preserved using mathematical equations.

But the possibility and acuteness of getting information back from the black holes are yet not clear. Instead of looking only at the particles a black hole releases, the Professor Dejan Stojkovic also takes into consideration the subtle interactions between the particles.

Interactions between particles can compass from gravitational magnetism to the exchange of mediators like photons between particles. Such correlations have long been known to exist but it was considered unimportant by many scientists in the past.

Professor Dejan Stojkovic said, “These correlations were often ignored in related calculations since they were thought to be small and not capable of making a significant difference.”

He added that “Our explicit calculations show that though the correlations start off very small, they grow in time and become large enough to change the outcome.”