The smart home is a growing trend in modern living, and with a few common devices, you can automate many functions of your home. You can do so much more than asking Alexa to play a favorite song or tell you the time. You can use smart home devices to cook your dinner, regulate the temperature, or even keep your house clean while enjoying a life of leisure. Smart home devices offer you convenience and security all in one package, taking out much of the stress of everyday living. You can rest easy knowing that your home is in the hands of devices that will never forget. 


What Are Smart Home Devices?

Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices are electronic devices that are equipped with a basic artificial intelligence and a link to a larger connected device. Smart devices are part of a larger smart system. A smart system is an overarching control system like Alexa or Google Assistant that controls everything in your smart home. Smart home devices are single-function devices that are connected to your smart system via a wireless connection and can regulate individual functions in the house, such as an Amazon Echo or Philips Hue lightbulbs. 


The Benefits of Automation

Equipping your home with smart home devices has a lot of benefits. You can take a lot of the everyday stress out of your life by using smart home devices to regulate your home's temperature and air circulation. You can use a smart cooking device to take all the guesswork and timing out of cooking. You can trust that a smart TV will never forget to record your favorite show. Most importantly, smart home devices are ideal for keeping your home safe and secure when you're out of the house. 


10 Smart Home Devices to Live Life in Automation

The most famous smart home system in the world, Alexa has more than 7000 third-party integrations and provides a comprehensive smart home system that can affect every area of your home. The easiest way to get Alexa into your home is with an Amazon Echo speaker, which allows you to talk directly to the Alexa artificial intelligence.

The Alexa technology is built into smart home devices ranging from thermostats to televisions and has a famously conversational nature that's easy to use for basic information. Highly easy to use and able to integrate with products made by dozens of companies including Philips and Samsung, it's so versatile that compatible products often have a "Works with Amazon Alexa" tag right on the front. The Amazon Echo is available on Amazon.

Philips 472027 Hue White A19 60W Equivalent Dimmable Led Smart Bulb...
  • VOICE ACTIVATED: The Philips Hue White Starter Kit works with Alexa for voice control (smart hub required, Alexa device...
  • LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES: Add additional Smart light points to your smart home and expand your Philips Hue ecosystem with...
  • TAKE CONTROL: Turn smart lights on/off, dim to the desired level and set up schedules from wherever you have WiFi...

Did you ever wish you could customize the light in your bedroom to your exact preferred brightness? That was impossible with standard on-off lamps, and older dimmer lamp models had a limited range. The Philips Hue smart light bulbs allow complete control of not only dimming and brightening but have multiple colors that can be controlled by your app.

You can switch to different lighting for different moods, or even sync up your lights to your music. These smart light bulbs can be attached to your alarm and work with most smart home systems including Alexa and Google Assistant. They are also available in Philips Hue White for a non-color version. They are available on Amazon.

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The Ecobee4 is your all-purpose climate control device for your smartphone. It controls air temperature with voice commands, but it's also a self-contained Amazon speaker. This means it serves as a starter device for an Amazon-based smart house and can do everything an Echo can do including play music, order from Amazon, and control smart devices. It integrates automatically with apps and can control any room in the house, not just the room it's installed in. Although it's more expensive than many similar smart thermostats, it functions as several devices in one. The Ecobee4 is available on Amazon.

Arlo (VMC3040-100NAS) Q – Wired, 1080p HD Security Camera | Night...
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately).
  • Stream live video 24/7 and watch past recordings in sharp 1080p HD resolution from anywhere in the world using your...
  • Save on expensive subscription fees with free cloud storage that lets you view, share, and download recordings from the...

There is nothing more important for a smart device to do well than to keep your house safe and secure. The NetGear Arlo Q provides lasting security for a fraction of the price of many home security systems. A high-tech security camera that automatically syncs up to your smart home system and records high-quality video and audio, it has several features that put it a cut above the rest of the pack.

It can be customized to automatically record or to record on a timed schedule and produces perfect images of people even in darkness. It has a seven-day backup storage capacity and stores its files in a digital format. The NetGear Arlo Q is available on Amazon.

Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker with SmartChef Technology
  • Monitor internal meat temperature, cook time and chamber temperature in the smoker from anywhere at anytime via...
  • SmartChef sends notifications to your smart device alerting of cooking events such as preheat or cooking completion
  • Integrated meat probe monitors internal meat temperature and sends the information to your smart device in real time

If you grill regularly, you know that it can be a high-wire act - running in and out to check the meat, making sure it's cooking but not burning. Adding coals or lighter fluid to top it off and keep the cooking going can be a difficult and dangerous task. The Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker takes all the guesswork out of grilling, regulating the temperature and giving you regular notifications on your smart device at key times.

You'll also know exactly what your internal temperature is. With a 725-square inch cooking space and four internal chrome racks, it's ideal for cookouts of all size. This device is available on Amazon.

Wireless Perfect Bake Pro Smart Kitchen Scale and Recipe App
  • Forget measuring—Just place a bowl on the scale and pour
  • Virtual bowl on screen fills up as you pour, telling you when to stop
  • Auto-scales recipes for number of servings and different cake pan sizes and shapes

The Perfect Bake Pro looks like a simple measuring cup and scale, but its magic is in the associated app. If you've ever struggled to figure out what to make with the few ingredients, you have in the house; this device allows you to input what you have and then looks up possible recipes. You can autoscale the recipe based on the number of people you're baking for or the ingredient quantities you have available. It will also generate shopping lists and measure your ingredients as you pour them. The Perfect Bake Pro takes all the guesswork out of the baking process and is available on Amazon.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Max Power Suction,...
  • Max Mode Cleaning: Increase your cleaning power by 2x whenever you need using the app or remote control.
  • Smart App & Voice Controls: Use Alexa or Google Home voice commands to direct cleaning. Use the ECOVACS App to...
  • Auto-Clean plus 3 Specialized Cleaning Modes: Smart motion guided auto-clean mode, plus single room & spot mode for...

If there's one task that many people would love to automate, it's the tedious day-to-day work of keeping the house clean. There have been robot vacuum cleaners for a while, but many like the Roomba have rudimentary AIs and tend to get clogged or stuck. The Ecovacs Deebot N79S is a true smart vacuum cleaner, integrating with smart home systems and other apps.

In can clean a variety of surfaces with surprising precision, has a long battery life, and has a manual steering option for those hard-to-clean corners of the house. You can lie on your couch and vacuum without ever getting up from your seat. Its power suction is as strong as most hand-held vacuums. Available on Amazon.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug, WiFi Enabled, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant...
  • Control from anywhere. Plug in a WeMo Mini Smart Plug, download the free app, and control your lights and appliances...
  • Compact size. WeMo Mini features a sleek new form factor that allows you to stack two Mini Smart Plugs in the same...
  • Schedule automatically. Never come home to a dark house. Schedule the fan to turn on before you arrive. Sync lamps and...

If you're looking for a smart light switch, you won't do any better than this affordable model. Highly functional and easy to use, it allows you to monitor your power use and can be controlled straight from the app. If you live with people who aren't completely comfortable with the technology, this light switch still has manual controls attached to the light switch, but can be controlled equally from your smartphone. Can be integrated with all major smart systems including Alexa and Nest. Available on Amazon.

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A smart security camera is good, but to keep your home secure, you'll want to keep intruders out. A smart lock is the easiest way to do that. The Kwikset Kevo Gen 2 lock is linked up to an app that will guide you through a setup process to sync your lock up to your phone. From there, your front door is much more secure - you'll be able to tap on the lock with your phone to unlock the door.

No more worrying about lockpicks! The only downside is that you can't remotely lock or unlock your door without a separate smart home system and integrated smart lock technology isn't as advanced as other areas. This device is available on Amazon.

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Part of the well-regarded Nest line of smart home devices, the Nest Protect is a highly effective digital smoke detector. It allows you to monitor the smoke and carbon monoxide levels in your home remotely, making it easy to catch a fire before it gets out of control. It tracks your home from anywhere in the world, making it an ideal device and app to have while your traveling.

Your peace of mind is assured with its tracking software. It integrates easily with the Nest App and keeps other metrics like heat and humidity. It can also turn off a smoke detector in a hurry in the case of an accidental trigger such as a cooking fire. The Nest Protect is available on Amazon.


Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker with SmartChef Technology

With these ten smart home devices, you'll have everything you need to automate many of your daily tasks such as cleaning and monitoring the house while adding a constant source of information and integration to more complex acts like cooking and baking. By equipping your home with a top smart home system and the associated device, you'll be amazed by just how easy life feels. The home of the future is at your fingertips today!

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